To Spy or Not to Spy on Software Company Globe Alive Inc

The company has more than 150 employees. Its vision is to be a leading company that assists in the network design and servicing of Canadian firms who were conducting business in a foreign country. Several issues exist in the enterprise. It needs to address them for it to succeed in the software industry. According to the CEO, the company needs an appropriate technology to solve its issues. The human resource department has noted that technology cannot build a team-oriented workforce (Mondy, Noe, amp. Gowan, 2005). The production manager and the Operations Manager agree that it is impossible to build trust between management and subordinate staff members if the company embraces the spyware usage. Helmut Schwartz is a technological person with a vast experience and education in Information Technology. He thus believes that, based on his experience, technology will go a long way in the growth of the Globe Alive company. However, he faces a lot of resistance from the other executives against new ideas and a lack of innovative thinking at the firm. Schwartz embraces more expansive and modern strategic philosophies, unlike the previous CEO. He wants all employees to embrace creative thinking in their operations. Additionally, Schwartz spies employees to ensure they are not wasting time. On the other hand, Stuart Miller has a rich background in human resource management. He believes that embracing appropriate human resource strategies is the best way of moving the firm ahead. He thus proposes the use of Human Resource metric services in measuring turnover, resignation rates, sick days, and other parameters. The human resource manager impressed the members of the executive team by his presentation of an innovative idea of analytics and tracking data of employees. However, the CEO presentation of surveillance software failed to impress them. Various symptoms suggest that GAI Company is experiencing some problems. The company lacks an efficient communication with global partners.