The Usage of Water for Gardening and Lawns in California

California population is on the rise and it naturally means more water demand. The drought like conditions and lack of availability of resources and water has forced the administration to restrict the usage of water especially for the purpose of gardening and lawns.What type of plants should we plant in Los Angeles?Los Angles is equally faced with the challenge of water crisis. It must take necessary steps in time to overcome this problem. The native plants are believed to be of more value and benefit in these circumstances since they would grow well in the local temperatures, besides they would need less amount of water for their maintenance.Should we fine people who have green lawns?People with green lawns cannot be fined because no law exists as such, rather there is every individual house owner’s right to establish a green lawn, however consideration must be given to the amount of water being used by the individuals considering the water crisis that are being faced by all over the region and most so in Los Angeles its suburbs along with other major cities of the country.Why do you think we plant our lawns and flower beds as if we lived in England?The history of this resemblance can be traced back to 18th century, because this interest has been inherited from the English background. During the early 20th century, the architects started designing the houses on designs inspired by the English designs, which naturally brought up the lawns, yards designs with themselves, hence now it can be felt like it is more of England than local backyard characteristic environment.Should we restrict ourselves to native plants? Should we rip out non-native plants?In such situations as one at hand, with water shortage and other issues concerned, native plants are being recommended and promoted against the non native plants. The native plants are more compatible with the local ambiance and the desired requirements. Efforts have been in place since the early days of this century to promote and grow more native plants. MWDSC is believed to have roughly spent over six million dollars on the promotion of native plants over the non native plants. They are believed to be friendlier in terms of the water resources needed. Hence, the non native plants cannot be ruled out totally, because they are needed for versatility but emphasis should be on the local breeds. How can we further reduce Los Angeles water usage?Having highlighted the situation at hand, Los Angles is in dire need of stern actions to ensure the greenery around as well as maintain the water levels which are highly essential for the city’s life. In such conditions as aforementioned Los Angles is the direct victim of it and has restriction imposed over the usage of water by individuals and a particular community as a whole. Efforts are being made on various levels, one of which is the promotion of native plants against the non native plants, which consume less amount of water for their growth.Many suggestions have been proposed for the water issue, which includes the usage of native plants over the non native, reduction in the amount of water being allowed and used on individual and community scale, but the most substantial one amongst these propositions is the restriction implementation over the size of yard that is allowed for each house in the town.