The Syntel Success

The Syntel’ SuccessMajor forces behind Syntel’ success:Syntel is one of the leading companies which deal with Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). It primarily deals with different stages in businesses lifecycles, information systems and processes. It also functions in Life Science industry. Since 1980, it has achieved considerable amount of success and recognition by helping its clients to improve productivity and reduce costs thereby helping them to collaborate on a global level. By forming partnerships and collaborations, it has also expanded its own business prospects. What gives Syntel an advantage over its competitors is its priorities. It makes continuous efforts to reap the benefits of new delivery models. Their objective is equally stressed upon in every single Syntel branches in US as well as in offshore locations. Collaborative environments, excellent use of technologies in business intelligence and warehousing of data, skilled workforce, strong network of sales and marketing has contributed to success quotient of Syntel for years in international markets. But Syntel could have been far more successful if it had not depended so much on North America for labor arbitrages and vendors. Moreover, in recent times, Syntel has focused more on specific groups or pockets of customers, which is not a wise decision keeping in mind the level of competition in preset times. Effect of economic, cultural, legal and demographic factors:Success of Syntel is due to its development and expansion in IT and healthcare industries as well as worldwide IT- spending. The cultural outlook of US has further helped in expansion of Syntel. Economic system of Syntel supports an integrated research environment. Besides being one the most developed countries US is also one of the leading countries which has strong IT systems. Thus, being an organization of US, Syntel was blessed with an added advantage over its other competitors across the world. Syntel gets full support of good infrastructure that is used in all parts of US. Its partners include Microsoft, Numerix, SAP, TriZetto, and Global Analytics. Its clients include Pharmaceutical Organizations like CRO, CMO, etc. Syntel is known for providing quality service to more than 2000 customers across the globe on a daily basis. To satisfy its customers, it makes use of latest innovations and technologies which are provided distinctness by experts and professionals of Syntel. What has made Syntel a success, is its comparatively flexible and custom made procedure of IT and KPO. Such organizational policies have not only generated satisfied group of clients but at the same time has also reduced cost and enhanced overall quality. Outsourcing from Local Companies:In order to overcome their present condition, Syntel can opt for outsourcing services from local companies. This would lower their cost of procedures involving settlements and legal issues. Such a measure would also save them from hazards of operating from a long distance, and would also save time consumption. The local companies might face some problems as they would find some problem in matching with the standards of customized services provided by Syntel. Some complication might also arise regarding financial transactions as recently Syntel was indulged in several cases regarding issues arising from fixed- price contracts.