The Right Way to Take Tests

The Right Way to Take TestsWhen you are studying in college, you are sure to take a number of tests to determine how much you know about the subject matter that have been taught to you in your classes. However, did you know that you just don’t sit down and take the exam? If you know the right way to take tests, it could also spell the difference between a passing and flunking grade. Many students have actually floundered in exam taking because they don’t know how to answer the questions properly. Especially in college or with college classes online it is essential to have good test taking skills since usually they make up a majority of you grade.

Let us give you some very helpful tips on how to take tests and exams the right way.

Before you start answering the questions, browse through the entire exam and read the instructions carefully. Many students make the mistake in assuming that the instructions will be standard. There have been cases wherein professors will make instruction changes in multiple choice questions. For example, instead of just saying “Choose the best answer”, your professor may say “Encircle the wrong answer” or “Encircle all the items that are related to the above question”. If the instructions are not clear to you, raise your hand and ask your professor so that he or she may clarify them for you.

Some professors will already assign points to each question or section of the exam. Take note of these point values so that you will be able to set a pace while answering questions.

Always answer the easy questions first. Follow this with the questions that have the highest values in points. Don’t waste your time struggling over a question that will only give you 2 or 3 measly points. If you cannot answer a particular question yet, move to another question and then go back to the difficult question later. You might recall the answer while you work on the other text sections.

Let’s say that there are certain questions in the multiple choice section which you are not sure of. First of all, mark with an X all the choices which you are sure are wrong. If you still can’t figure out the answer, make a guess. Usually, the first guess is correct, so don’t go back and change your answer, unless you are absolutely certain that your choice was wrong.

Answering essay questions are trickier. If you have been provided with a scratch paper, use it to organize your thoughts and outline the important points that you want to mention. Use this as a guide to answering the essay. Keep your penmanship neat so that it will be easy for the professor to read your answer. If you don’t have good handwriting, you might want to print your answer. If you cannot answer the essay question in full, at least try to answer it partially. You will still get some points for your answer.

If there is still time left, make it a point to look over your answers. See that you have answered all the questions. Make the necessary changes to wrong answers. You might want to memorize some of the questions you’ve had difficulty answering and then confer with your classmates later.