The PwC Report Managing Tomorrows People identifies three radically different scenarios for the future of work Drawing on appropriate theories recommend how organisations can incorporate these ideas into their organisation development plans

Thus aim of the report is to highlight the challenge in business context and its impact on workplace and people.One of the main challenges that are stated in PwC report is the issue of people management. Skill shortage and creation of effective workforce is at the core of the debate. A solution to this challenge is the dissolution of workplace and home life should disappear. This will be done by assuming more social responsibility on the corporation. Organizational challenges include quality assurance across the globe, size and scale problems of organizations and reinforcement of corporate values related to cultural values of the region. A long term solution as proposed in this category of challenge is the development of HR professionals that might help in negotiation of values of employees as per their regions into their personal investment strategies.A solution that is HR centric will call for change of HR function from Resource Management to People and Society Management. The leader of this transformed group should be member of senior executive. Thus most of the energies that will be spent by HR will be in People and society management. This proposition comes from a set of theories that are related to corporate social responsibility. The challenge to this sphere of corporate vision is the non-compliance and tacitly non-socially responsible to this aspect of organization development imperative. To this effect an evident solution of providing highly regulated corporate laws that will not let corporate entities to move beyond the corporate ethical guidelines. This will ensure employees retention and evading social responsibility nearly impossible (Dijuric, 2006, p141-143).Further challenges to Organization development is the reliance on external networks. They create a symbiotic relationship with the organization and are regulated by contractual agreements. However any breakdown which is usually seen in