The new police model

This external force has existed throughout ancient societies. The tribal leaders in ancient times acted as judges and their servants executed punishments. Even in various tribal regions of the world this system still exists. The tribal leaders along with their followers act as a police force. The safeguard of the primary aim of society is the main purpose of these forces. The concept of police also defines or explains the aim of living in a society. The humans live in a society as a means of creating a system where they are safeguarded by threats. The police force plays the important role of safeguarding the society members against threats from within the society. Therefore the role of police has been crucial from the very beginning of human societies.In definition, the people who are given the job of enforcing the law are called police. This power is bestowed upon the police by the government and the society itself. The police force further comes into action when there is civil disorder or anarchy. The power of police is domestic. Therefore there is a jurisdiction or an area where this power is applicable and considered legal. The power of police therefore extends only to a certain region or a certain country. Many organizations have their own law enforcement agencies. The military for example has a police force which instead of a regional jurisdiction has an organizational jurisdiction. The role of any police force is defined best by the society itself. Only few decades ago police was used as a tool to strengthen the prejudicial system of ethnic discrimination. Therefore it can be said that police is not a tool of giving justice but in fact maintaining the current state of affairs or in other words order.There are many different stages of the development of the police system to the model currently being used in most countries. The current model however was