The Ethical And Moral Conduct

However, educational organizations nowadays are more inclined towards academics and do not consider aspects of moral stimulation. This leaves children, mainly the youth in a trance-like state where they cannot distinguish right from wrong. Thus, Christina says in her essay conceptually and culturally, today’s young people live in a moral haze. As far as I’m concerned, I agree with the author, because of the youth in general faces such confusions as they struggle amidst a lot of challenges during this time and it is very difficult for them to know which is right and which is not. This can result in a lot of conflicts and stress for that individual, which sometimes makes him or her do things they otherwise would not. There are so many cases of juvenile delinquency that are seen all around the world. This it indicates the confusion the youth faces, that is, at the time of committing a crime, the person feels that what he or she is doing is the best and right thing to do. All young people know that they are not supposed to steal, deceive, lie. However, I disagree with Christina when she says the youth are incapable of making even one single confident moral judgment. I feel she is not at all accurate here as no matter who or what circumstances a person faces, there can never be anyone who cannot make a confident moral judgment. Just because the youth strays away from the moral path at times, that does not mean that they are totally ineffective in making or exhibiting ethical values.