The Cross Cultural Issues in Marks &amp

Spencer CompanyMarks amp. Spencer is an international company operating in the retail sector with 718 locations around 34 countries. It is the largest clothing retailer in the UK and it also deals with many other items like foods, gifts, home furnishings and footwear. Globally, in half of the overseas stores, they work by franchises with local partners. The company is famous for its extremely well functioning managerial traits and focuses on the quality services and the values to satisfy the needs of its consumers. In 2008, it was the 43rd largest retailer in the world.In the next section of the research paper, the cultures of both the nations will be taken into account to find out the differences in their cultures and trace the problem areas that need to be addressed to find out solutions towards the problems encountered.Defining the culture of a nation is very difficult as there cannot be a perfect definition that can identify all the cultural values and beliefs of all the people residing there. This is because in a single nation, people of various other nations live and they are also considered by the companies when they operate for a nation’s people.Life in the UK is an unbelievable mix of global culture and modern thinking. The people there are apprehended by a strong sense of tradition and identity. The following is a brief description of certain traits in the UK culture, proper perception of which will help better understanding the culture.The UK culture is such that people from around the world feel greeted and get easily accustomed. The UK accepts all faiths and almost all the major religions in the world. In most of the cities, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist centres are present along with churches and synagogues of all value.