Tanglewood Recruitment Process

Acquire or develop talent For Tanglewood, deciding to focus on acquiring talent internally or externally can be a difficult decision. Acquiring talent internally will foster a positive atmosphere and loyalty to the job among the employees. However, it is more practical for Tanglewood to look for talent externally. This is due to the fact that there is simply a larger amount of people to choose from which means a greater opportunity to find high-quality talent than there would be in looking at a smaller group of people within the company itself. However, Tanglewood should not neglect its internal talent, but should simply place more emphasis on external people.Hire yourself or outsource Tanglewood appears to have a desire to maintain its identity, therefore it is imperative that the company take on hiring themselves rather than outsource it. In performing hiring activities, they have more control over the kind of people that they would want to employ in terms of experience, attitude and skill. In outsourcing such a task, it is less likely that a third party would be as thorough. External or internal hiring:Tanglewood needs to take a middle of the road stance when it comes to external or internal hiring. In order to create a dynamic and talented workforce, it would be best for the company to hire external employees and to also promote employees to new positions within the company. This gives Tanglewood the best of both worlds in that there is fresh blood when it needs it and trained employees when it is also deemed to be appropriate.Core or flexible workforceAccording to Tanglewood casebook, the company is not well-known for having a flexible workforce and tend to favor full-time or part-time employees (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2009). Based on Tanglewood’s mission, having this core workforce is likely the best option due to the fact that temporary or flexible workers tend to be less dependable than employees who work a regular schedule. Hire or retainTanglewood does not like the fact that it has a higher turnover rate, so it is more likely that they will want to create strategies to minimize turnover (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2009). Simply hiring new employees each and every time is not going to address a high turnover rate, so for the long term success of the company, it is best to focus on retaining employees. National or globalBased on Tanglewood’s specific American appeal, it would be best for the company to stay on a national scale. The fact of the matter is that with the economic situation the way that it is, it is not a smart business for the company to expand on a global scale. Until the recession ends, it is better for the company and for the American economy if the company remains national. However, since Tanglewood is primarily situated in the west, there is room for it to expand to the eastern United States. Attract or relocateTanglewood should attempt to attract and locate at the same time. In order to keep the stores that they have in a successful position, attracting new customers is vital. However, there is room to grow to new areas. Since Tanglewood has an outdoors theme, it could expand to other areas in the United States with similar nature interests. The southern, Midwestern, and eastern states are areas where Tanglewood could expand to.Overstaff or understaffIt is always better to have too many employees than not enough. Too many employees, of course, is not always financially sound, but it does ensure that there is always someone available to help a customer and since customer service is such an important part of the Tanglewood experience, overstaffing is a much more preferable option than understaffing.Short or long term focusIt is much easier to recruit short term or temporary employees than it is to recruit long term workers. If a long-term labor shortage is foreseen, employers need to take the appropriate steps to begin the recruitment process for those particular positions. Person/job or person/organization matchTanglewood values its company’s reputation which signifies that they should be more concerned with hiring an employee who will fit into the environment in terms of customer service, skills, and values. This will ensure that there is a uniform attitude among Tanglewood employees. Specific or general KSAOTanglewood should hire people with specific KSAO skills for a particular job. Having general KSAO skills might be better for an employee when it comes to being promoted, but it might not make them qualified for the current position. Tanglewood can train an employee, later on, should they want to promote a person to a new position, but as promotions do not occur overnight, focus on the present should be more important.Exceptional or acceptable workforce qualityMost companies strive for excellence in terms of their employees and Tanglewood should be no different. Although it might be harder to find these higher-quality employees, it is well worth it for the company’s long term vision and goals. Acceptable employees might be good for a temporary option, but not for full-time or part-time positions. Active or passive diversity Having a more diverse background is helpful to the company as it will attract more diverse customers which ultimately will generate more revenue for Tanglewood.