Science Questions

Living systems in a region may contain wetlands, prairies, coral reefs, rainforests, tundra, or the canopy of an old growth forest. Ecosystem services would comprise the capability of nature to assimilate waste, turn sunlight into edible plants, and create oxygen.With in this natural source we can be able to come up of a natural income. There are lots of natural capitals that can be a source of natural income. An example of natural capital is the water get from springs which are then processed and purified and be sold as mineral or distilled water. This kind of natural capital and natural income can be able to sustain resource by preserving the natural resource itself.The company that sells this drinking water can put up their business site where they get their water. They can make strategies to put up the building in such a way that it will also look like a resort to customers. They will take care of the trees and the water flowing there so that it can replenish itself. Cleanliness should also be maintained and the owner should establish ecological ethics to refrain from any environmental issues that may lead to the downfall of the business. In this way, it will be attractive for customers to come along and buy the product.According to Wikipedia (2006), primary production is is the fixation of light energy into chemical compounds (the construction of sugars from CO2 and water. photosynthesis). Gross primary production then refers to the total amount of energy fixed by plants (the primary producers). This energy can then be used by plants to generate new biomass. growing. While net productivity according to Kimball’s Biology Page (2004) refers to the amount of energy trapped in organic matter during a particular interval at a given trophic level. The quantity of the trapped energy of the plants (net productivity) will then be processed (H2O, CO2, and sunlight) by plants into starch is called primary gross.Biodiversity has been