Respond to Taxation No Tyranny

Response to Taxation no Tyranny Response to Taxation no Tyranny Admirable is the eloquence and fluency of those not in favour of independence, but how sorrowful is it that their fluency is baseless and pointless. The ancestors did great in their time as they discovered the great land of America but with this greatness they also subjected the remnants to great weakness of colonialism: a system of reaping where one has not sown. A disease called tyranny with symptoms that include taxation. In a nutshell a few reasons have been cited as to why the Americans must accept taxation. one such is based upon the fact that every colony pays tribute as it enjoys benefits of the kingdom. The other would be that as humanity is uniform so do Americans resemble Europeans in such a manner. The protagonists have also made claims that the ancestors yielded to such tyranny as they had no right to vote or either gave up their rights for certain benefits such as being protected by the law and thus the colonists have exactly that which was passed on to them by the ancestors (Johnson 1775). The attempt to gain independence has been viewed as a progressive disobedience that started as dispute to paying of taxes and has grown to questioning of legislation. This leaves the colonialist with options that are limited to either yield to the demands or to combat the uprising. With the relentless nature of the colonist the latter has an upper hand, in other words resigning of dominion is impossible but reinstating it by force is inevitable. Furthermore the colonialist feels that such drum beats of independence must not rise from such a people as those who are enslavers of other races such as Negroes (Johnson 1775). The zeal with which these claims have been put across is outstanding, but the knowledge behind them is wanting. another display of leaping without thinking. The colonialist ought to know that times have changed and only a man who supports stagnation and stunted growth would support subjection of America to the Britain. To tell the Americans to continue under the tyranny of colonization given that that is what the ancestors passed on to them is a sheer display of cowardice towards change and exposure to the deficiencies of status quo. Every American is grateful at what the ancestors did to provide a system that worked in those days. It is indeed true that the Americans resemble Europeans that is why freedom is inevitable in America just as it is in Europe. Our ancestors might have forgone their right to vote and to make legislation for the benefits of being protected by the law, for the nation was just as a child that needed to be protected, but the times of the ancestors is gone and the child is grown. It is not sensible to pay for services that you can provide for yourself. Who would need protection lf they can protect them self and do so even better? The colonialist feels that use of force is inevitable especially given that surrendering of dominion is impossible. Just as a tree grows in a nursery before it is moved to the seed bed where conditions are harsher, so have the colonies in America grown to a point that they must be left to survive on their own. The colonies in America are no longer seedlings but are full grown trees that can and will survive without the care that seedlings otherwise need. If left in the nursery, the tree would bring down the roof of the nursery.ReferencesJohnson S. (1825). Taxation no tyranny. The Works of Samuel Johnson Vol 6.