Professional Journal Review 01

LEADERSHIP. Herbert Spencer (Reviewer) Journal reference- The study of sociology volume Business publication office LA. support- Role of leadership in businessField support- leadership.General review.The journal simply gives the over view of what leadership means and what it entails. Evidently, leadership can have many definitions and meaning but this article is only considerate of the leadership in organizations. Nevertheless, the journal also gives the many types of styles of leadership in any organization setting. However, not all leadership styles are effective hence the journal gives suggestions on which leadership style to use in order to get the required output from workers.The author gives leadership as the mechanism in which one or a group of people inspire others to do something in a certain way in order to meet a certain set goal. In addition, there are a number of things to be considered in leadership. Notably, these variables are a must study when it comes to leadership. First and foremost there is a leader, who is the person influencing the other people and hence gives instructions to be followed for a better achievement of goals. Consequently, there is the members, who are the subjects given the instructions by the leader and they are expected to follow. Also, there are goals to be met by the members and the leader.Significance of the Journal.In fact, there are very many lessons that can be drawn from this piece because leadership is something that applies to our daily lives. Therefore, in leadership both the leader and the members must be ready to work hand in hand.MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES.(Author) G.R Terry(Reviewer)Journal source- Business volume 34 number 6, business society Canada.Course support- management.Field support- management and its principles.General ReviewThis article highlights the actual meaning of planning and the need to plan. Consequently, it gives the types of planning techniques and the merits and demerits of each technique. Also, it gives suggestions on the best planning technique to use in management. Therefore, planning is the act of determining what is to be done first and what is to be done later. Subsequently, the need to plan is to ensure that everything runs smoothly in ascending order of urgency. However there are a number of characteristics of planning which includes planning is a mental activity and goal oriented.Significance of the article.Evidently, lessons learned from this article are quite many. Hence, for one to have the desired achievement of goals planning must be done accordingly to avoid clashing of urgency.CURRICULUM APPLICABILITY.The two journals talks of crucial matters to be considered in business studies since one cannot run a business or be a manager without the leadership skills. Nevertheless, one cannot be effective in business without the proper planning. All these must be taught in business studies.