Professional Ethics of Farmers

In this case, the decision reached by this farmer must be far-sighted since all activities farmers carry out will not be exempted from the code of conduct. All the activities undertaken must be regarded as ethical. thus, minimal harm to the consumers or end-users of their business activities. Of essence, this is to argue that farmers as professionals face multifarious ethical predicaments in the course of duty (James amp. Hendrickson, 2008). Ethical beliefs are, therefore, vital virtues in all professionals in the modern world, with farmers not exempted. This case shall shed light on the ethical dilemmas faced by Mitch, a farmer who has been approached by a bioscience company, Bio goods, to grow a genetically modified potato. This can in general terms be referred to as a complicated business, which begs a lot of caution prior to any undertaking or deal by Mitch. Mitch’s dilemma revolves around what decision to make regarding his farming decision. Being offered a deal to grow genetically modified potato, he is left with the choice of either deciding to sustain his family with the farming career or drop the entire deal for the sake of the other farmers’ business. Taking a chance with genetically modified potatoes would risk a chance of pollinating the other organic crops cultivated in the areas. As a result, this would lead to other farmers losing their certification. Morally, this would be simply termed as interference to previously set businesses. In actuality, I would term this as an intrusion to the long-established farmers. The successful operation of Mitch’s farm would mean that the other organic crop farmers would stop their businesses for the sake of their safety with the law. The major ethical dilemma facing Mitch is whether to sacrifice his chance of making money out of this lucrative deal with Bio goods or let the other farmers carry on with their organicagricultural project.