Politics and government

Politics and government Politics is the theory and practice of influencing people on a civic, individual and global level. Closely, it refers to exercising and achieving positions of authority organized above a human society, mainly a state. Besides that, politics is the practice or study of the distribution of resources and power in a particular community in addition to the interrelationships amid communities. However, a collection of ways and means are employed in politics. They include exercising force and making laws, negotiation with other political matters, enhancing one’s own political opinions among people and comprising warfare against adversaries.Additionally, politics is applied on an extensive range of communal levels, from modern local governments, tribes and clans of traditional community, institutions and companies up to international levels, and also to independent states. Therefore, Government is the system through which a community or state is governed. However, the term government can be used scarcely to refer to a combined group of people who carry outs executive authority in a nation. Thus, the broader definition of the word government, generally consists of administrators, arbitrators and legislators. Thus, Government is the means by which the mechanism for determining the policy of the state and enforcement of the state policy. Furthermore, a form of state government thus refers to a set of political institutions and systems that come up with the establishment of a particular government. Additionally, both government and politics are words that are interrelated and are reliant on each other. For instance, for governing one needs to be aware of the politics art. Whereas a politician who is in control must know how to govern. In today’s society, politics is important because it tells people how societies should be formed and how one should act in a community. Moreover, due to the power, governments have abused lately, some people don’t believe its importance in the community or society. However, government is necessary and will be necessary if every new age group comes up with a new crop of predators. Therefore, the governments upholds individual bill of rights through the constitution. For instance, the freedom to speech, freedom to association, freedom of worship among others. Further, the name of this political system is socialism. Lastly, politicians set rules and regulations that are fundamental for the smooth running of the government (Hague and Harrop, 210).My level of interest in politics and government is democracy. Further, Americans are prepared for a top to bottom modification for their democracy. However, they need voted officials who respect them and government bodies that they can easily influence. In addition, inhabitants of the country are searching for idealistic leaders who will encourage the many and not discourage the few. Therefore, Fixing social equality or democracy means the development of new, significant chances for participation and that we give residents reasons to trust once again that their contribution counts a lot. Lastly, I except changes in my interest in politics. Since, I will learn more from my colleagues and class tutors, and through further readings.Works citedHague, Rod, and Martin Harrop. Comparative Government and Politics: An Introduction. N.p., 2007. Web.