Personality and Individual Behaviour of Human Beings

The employee is expected to work as a team in order to bring out the best from the activities of a business organization, the behaviour and character of employee has proved to be a vital aspect of business organizations. This is because the personality and individual behaviour of an employee will highly affect their relationship with the people that they are supposed to be working with together as a team. This will in return have an impact on the outcome of the business activities. With reference, the presentation earlier is given and management process study, this paper aims at using the group work process to explain the number of ways that personality and individual behaviour can influence the outcome of activities that involve teamwork. Behaviour can be defined as the manner in which human beings respond to stimulus. There are a number of factors that can be said to affect the behaviours of someone. These factors include attitude. culture. values. authority. and genetics (French 2011, p. 33). These factors can either influence teamwork individually or collectively. In this case, cultural differences surfaced in the process of coming up with the presentation. The group consisted of a total of five members, three of them being from the United Kingdom while two were Chinese. The first way in which cultural difference showed itself is the manner in which the individuals from the two different cultures responded to complainants. For instance, when someone made a meaningful contribution to the course, the member from the United Kingdom would give compliments and when the complements could show gratitude. On the other hand, the Chinese culture is a bit modest, the Chinese members would see it as an exaggeration when their efforts were complemented. Instead of showing gratitude they would instead show high levels of discomfort. This does not only happen in such group work, but also in practice business organization with employees having diverse cultures. Another issue would have come into communication. Given that two of the members were not United Kingdom natives, English was not really their first language. This factor must have led to complicated and lengthy communication processes which must have contributed to the fact that they finished the preparation for the presentation later.