Performance management in the royal virgin islands police force

Performance management is process to evaluate the performance of an existing system and compare it with the goals and objectives of the system. Performance management ensures that operational and strategic objectives and goals are facilitated. The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s strategic plan is prepared keeping in mind the vision and also the priorities of the entire force. The strategic plan is prepared to meet with the expectations of the 21st century. The research process will try to find the suitability of the existing appraisal system against the active strategic planning of the organisation. The project will look to create an appraisal system in line along with the strategic planning of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. Strategic plan is a very essential tool for motivating the organisational staffs towards universal set of goals, which demonstrates clear direction and leadership. it will also help to demonstrate to the key external partners as well as the general public that resources are wisely invested. The strategic plan also enables the strategic management team to follow the progress alongside the objectives and also recognise achievements. The planning process in RVIPF consists of various steps such as establishing vision, mission and also the values for the force. The SWOT analysis is conducted to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which would enable them to prepare the strategic objectives. Strategic plan is broken down to an annual business plan and also assigning timescale and ownership for each of the section. The action taken in the planning process is monitored after each month. The RVIPF have updated their mission, vision and values for reflecting a more engaging and proactive force related approach. The strategic priorities for the RVIPF are to improve trust and public confidence in the