Organization environment and ethics Creating an ethical infrastructure

The labor disputes include employee suicides and major strikes that have rocked the company. The article notes that The Company employs more than one million workers worldwide. The company is on the verge of expanding its operations to inland china and markets that are emerging. According to a fund manager at the Eastern Bay Investment Management, the salaries for workers are increasing at a raid rate such that companies cannot sustain the employees. The chairperson of the Foxconn Group stated that currently the group is using around ten thousand robots, which are expected to increase up to a hundred thousand.The article says that Foxconn is experiencing cases of employee’s suicide mainly in its china factories from last year. The chairperson, Gou said that this is the main reason why the company is planning to use robots to assemble procedures in its line production. The suicide and labor issues in china have been due to the tough economic conditions in the country. The employees are asking for an increase in wages but the company management is saying that wages are already too high for the company. Foxconn has recently been censored over the working conditions in the factory. In July 2011, a worker at a factory in Southern China committed suicide as reported by the local news media. According to the China Business News, as quoted in the article, many of the workers committing suicide in Foxconn factories are immigrants who come to work in the manufacturing plants in China. Foxconn said that the reason for using automation is to make the routines of the employees more desirable by adding value to their positions in the company. However, one worker from the company said that work in the company could be repetitive and fast for the workers.One of the major principles of ethics is to treat all stakeholders of a company in an equitable manner. Employees are stakeholders of the company and the company directors