Occupational and Public Health in the USA

Concurrently, I envision pursuing a life-long career in occupational health and safety as it is observed to be a dynamic and challenging endeavor. I strongly believe that by gaining the theoretical framework for the program, I would eventually develop the crucial skills set that would enable me to become an occupational health and safety specialist who would assist organizations and other work practitioners to focus on maintaining and sustaining a safe, secure, and healthy work environment.My previous entry to Ryerson University in 2011 through the Business Management program was a challenging experience. The struggle confirmed that the program does not fit my personal and professional goals. As such, I had to seek the professional assistance of the university’s guidance counselor to determine the program that would match my personal and professional preferences. As such, the results of the career path evaluation generated the Occupational and Public Health program as the most appropriate course to pursue. These challenges which became a learning experience, as well as the intention to become a productive citizen influenced my decision to enter the program.2) Are there factors that you believe are important/pertinent to the consideration of your application, especially in our review of your academic performance at the secondary and/or post-secondary level? If yes, please explain.Yes, I was placed in Permanent Program Withdraws (PPW) from Business Management program at Ryerson University due to bad grades. I was first enrolled into Business Management program in 2011 and was dismissed from the program in April of 2015.My entry into the Business Management program was actually undertaken with a half-hearted commitment.