Nutrition in the USA

The rise of science and food technology have forced many multinational companies in most states in the U.S. to take advantage of American people as well as worldwide at large hence providing subsidized food substances in regards to profit maximization as an aspect of the business. Many grocery stores provide processed food that has additives such as corns which has ingredients like cellulose, saccharin, polydextrose, and xanthan that are known to be harmful and a threat to the health of human beings. According to the movie, one of the scientists suggested that many of the processed food has either corns or soybean ingredients which helps many of the processed food staffs to stay long in grocery stores. In the regulations of food, security by international bodies suggests that these multinational companies, as well as some governments, have overlooked these regulations by providing cheap food regardless to negative consequences it has over the nation. The author of the trailer goes further on analyzing side effects of science and technology on the facet of global food supply affected by lack of biodiversity, which in turns the author believes that can be changed by providing demand side of a specific equation. However, it is known that 70% of processed food has been genetically modified.