Martin Luther the Hero of the Reformation 1483 to 1546

Martin Luther According to Jacobs, in his book Martin Luther was a hero who led a major reformation. He was born in 1483 and died 1n 1546. He was brought up in church by his parents and his spiritual life was grown and developed from his being a minister of the word of the bible as well as the sacrament. His parents were so devoted to teach him the ways and the fear of God from his childhood. (Jacobs, 2005 pp1-4) In the year 1517, during the day of All Saints, and he was then a theology professor at the University of Wittenberg, he made a posting of 95 theses on the door of the church. His major concern in the theses was the disposal of indulgences in the afterlife as depicted by the papal grants and the inclusion of purgatory releases. He first wrote the theses in Latin but translated the whole work into German. This work of the theses prompted a summoning by the church for explanation to the authorities. He (Luther) would later get involved in more controversy and in the year 1520 he made writings about papacy’s corruption, supremacy of faith as compared to the good works and the acknowledgement of only two out of seven sacraments’ validity. Due to this, in 1521 he was made to appear before the then emperor Charles the 5TH. Luther, despite all the summoning and his open criticism of the church, he was not to recant these writings. The result was his banning under the Worms Edict. It was his numerous disagreements with the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrines that sparked many events and within a few years marred the unity of German religion. (, 2009)Work Martin Luther. 2009. Retrieved 17 December 2010. Jacobs, H.E. Martin Luther the Hero of the Reformation 1483 to 1546. Kessinger Publishing. (2005). pp 1-4.