Lease assingment

The first item that appears uncomfortable is leasing the bedroom apartment because I am not allowed to use any other part of the premise. Flexibility should be enhanced to all tenants by the proprietor in terms of using other sections of the premises (Jacobus 282). Another problem in the lease is that the contract runs for a year. As a tenant, I have no flexibility in terms of terminating the contract before the stipulated period. Moreover, the property manager, who is Joe Daworker, is responsible for handling issues concerning use of premises. A problem may arise making me want to talk directly to the owner of the premises. As a tenant, I feel that 1,455 US dollars is a lot of money to be paid to the proprietor within a single day because security deposit is to be paid during the signing of lease contract. The security deposit should be paid in installments because there is no guarantee that I will damage any part of the premises as a tenant. Another problem arises from possession of the premises as outlined in lease contract. Since I will be entitled to possess the premises on the first day of signing the contract, I feel that the proprietor should also be responsible in ensuring the well-being of all tenants. This should involve carrying out maintenance and repairs of the one bedroom apartment during my stay in the premises. … According to premise usage, the proprietor restricts any form of retail, professional and commercial activities within the apartment. In the event of carrying out any commercial activities, consent must be obtained from the proprietor by following. This item contrasts with possession rights because I should be allowed to carry out any legal activities within the apartment as a tenant. The proprietor requires tenants to get liability insurance before engaging in any professional or commercial activities. In the event of failing to abide by that item on the leasing agreement, the tenant is evicted from the premise with immediate effect because he or she is said to have breached the leasing contract. I find this item tedious and costly since the process of obtaining insurance liability is quite demanding and expensive (Jacobus 283). In terms of evicting the premise, I feel that every tenant should be given adequate time to find another apartment before being forced to vacate the premises. The contract restricts any extra person apart from the tenant to stay in the apartment. I find this clause unrealistic because relatives and friends who may want to spend a couple of nights in the apartment. This item on the contract needs to be adjusted where tenants should be allowed to stay with their friends and relatives within the apartment. In spite of the contract allowing tenants to have guests for a limited time of fourteen consecutive days, the impression created to tenants is that their freedom is restricted. Privacy of tenants is compromised when the agreement restricts the sharing of bedrooms within the apartment. As mentioned earlier,