her, this report will highlight some ways Redgate can attain best results by improving the culture of organization and methods of motivation of employees.Redgate Software has been selected for this analysis report because it is a highly advanced and state of the art technology company in the world it was founded in 1999 in England by Neil Davidson and Simon Galbraith. It is based (headquarters) in Cambridge, England and its motto is ingeniously simple tools. At the end of 2012, the number of employees of Red Gate Software was 290. Red Gate Software was named after Via Porta Rossa (Red Gate Street) situated in Florence (Italy). The name of this place was selected because Neil Davidson was used to live in that street. In 2010, Redgate Software acquired HyperBac from Quest Software. Simple Talk is a famous online technical journal of Redgate and it provides support to MS .NET and MS SQL Server developers. There are a lot of products of Redgate Software.The main objectives of this report are to shed light on the importance of motivation skills and culture of organization to get best results. Moreover, another objective of this report is to study the motivation style and culture of Redgate in detail. Then in the end of the report we would like to relate the theory with practice by combining the important of motivation skills and culture of an organization with the motivation skills and culture of Redgate.It is important to discuss the importance of motivation and culture for an organization before we discuss the problems related to motivation and culture in Redgate. In analysis part we will discuss motivation and culture in general and then we will discuss the motivation and culture related problems at Redgate.Motivation is a very important tool for a manager or supervisor. Motivation is necessary to get best results from employees. Motivation is a important to make sure the right way to address an issue is adopted. Motivation can be defined as a