Internal Marketing the implications for leadership change and the organisation ( com Company / Website Company) i e google facebook and yahoo

It so happens that the employees themselves are very much a part of delivering a certain quality of service. However, it must be noted that all employees are not consistent in their performance levels, and such inconsistencies may result in variations with the quality of service being exhibited or delivered. Secondly, internal marketing also focuses on developing customer orientation. There is a need that any management or marketing strategies implemented by the company is responsible to their needs (Ahmed amp. Rafiq, 2002).Gudmundson amp. Lundberg (2010) says that the main purpose of internal marketing is to encourage all members of the organization (especially those who are directly involved in service encounters) to boost their performance levels. In fact, the main goal of the entire internal marketing process is to make sure that the organization is able to put suitable employees into higher positions, such as managerial positions. In addition, the aim of the process is to also boost the retention rate among all staff members, plus encouraging the employees to be more customer-oriented.According to Grönroos (1994), in order to encourage customers to patronize a certain product or service by the company, it is important that the company does not just focus on the interactions that take place between the buyer and the seller. It is also important that the actual interactions that take place provide the company with the opportunity to market their organization. Thus, there is a need for managers to train their employees to be both ‘sales-minded’ and ‘customer oriented.’ The third phase of internal marketing, as was mentioned, pertains to the implementation of management strategies and bringing about change within the organization. The key to making an organization successful is to make sure that the tasks being performed by all