Intercultural Communication between Russia and Brazil

With regards to the intercultural communication system prevailing in the context of business, it can be stated that it binds the people of various nations to express their respective ideas towards the attainment of predetermined targets (Allwood, n.d.). It would be vital to mention that intercultural communication is one of the most fascinating areas within the business communication system and requires numerous interesting areas to be covered within it. In understanding the dimensions of intercultural communication within the business context, it is necessary to understand various attributes such as values, rituals, and culture of the organizations involved while conducting business. With this concern, the term paper intends to compare the intercultural communication system between Russia and Brazil. For the completion of the term paper, a comparative study will be conducted through a thorough analysis of business along with cultural issues and multidimensional aspects prevailing within Russia and Brazil. The multi-dimensional analysis framework of intercultural communication can be determined based on two major determinants i.e. communication and conflict styles in business and use of media in communication. Thus, the comparison of intercultural communication between Russia and Brazil will be analyzed based on the aforementioned elements of multi-dimensional frameworks. These have been described in detail hereunder. Personal relationships are viewed as the base for the development of business culture in Russia. The Russian executives believe that trust and the mutual relationship is the path for the advancement of effective business culture and structure. Observably, various departments of the Russian business corporations tend to develop a proper relationship with each other so that effective communication can take place between them.