Howard University

Application Essay College: Application Essay Am 22 years of age and having come from afamily that had to struggle to meet basic needs, I know what poverty is. My mother passed on when I was three years old, a situation that left me under the care of my great grandmother. Life was not a bed of roses since my new guardian was advanced in age and, therefore, could not find a decent job. I would accompany her to work on weekends and when I was on holidays. Living with my great grandmother was a blessing in my life. She instilled in me great strength, wisdom, teachings and morals that not even school could have offered. It is through my stay with her that I learnt to be humble and hopeful in life. She taught me that life is a journey and that I should never give up no matter the situation I am in. Another great virtue she instilled in me was believing in my Creator. She taught me to pray and always to have faith that my prayers would be answered. This, I can attest that it has worked miracles in my life. Life problems did not deter me from being among the best in all my elementary grades, as well as upper grades. In addition, my exemplary performance continued to the high school level whereby I always topped in my classes since my first exam. All these I believe were achieved through the motivation I got from my teachers and more so my grandmother.My faith in my Creator and the believe that nothing is impossible, is what makes me who I am. I believe that if I were never introduced to Church at an early age, I would not have come this far. My strengths come from my eagerness to learn. I love learning new things every day. Also, I am a self-motivated person who does not require to be pushed to achieve something in life. Being self-motivated has, on the other hand, taught me to be hard working, a virtue that has increased my intelligence and self-confidence. I also have some weaknesses as no one is 100% right. I get nervous when around people that are new to me and this has made poor in interacting with strangers or visitors. I am a very sensitive person and, therefore, get offended very fast. Another virtue that I believe is a weakness in me is that I love to help a lot. Sometimes I find myself helping people in areas where I also have problems in. Like I put it earlier, my greatest motivation is my great grandmother. She is always supporting me in my struggle to achieve my dream. Other motivations are reading the word of God as it encourages me that my efforts shall be rewarded. Standing out of the crowd is another source of my motivation. Achieving my dreams, making people happy and reaching that extra mile are other factors that have always motivated me in life. Therefore, I believe joining Howard University will enhance my quench to learn new things as one of my strengths. Also, since the university is one of the best and has a huge population, most of my weaknesses will be converted into strengths. For instance, I believe I will come to terms with interacting with new people. Resultantly, this will shape my weakness of being sensitive and I will seize getting offended by slight issues. It’s my believe that by joining the university, all my dreams are going to be achieved and that I am going to be of great help to my society.