How to prepare for GMAT

How to prepare for GMATGetting a good score in GMAT test is very advantageous for business students. GMAT or Graduate management admission test is the standard assessment test, used by most of the business school in the world to select their students in different program. Hence, preparation for GMAT should be taken with a concern mind. Before starting preparation for the test, first, student must be clear about the question format.

GMAT question format: The test consists of four individual parts, which are, the Quantitative section, the verbal section, the integrated reasoning section, and the analytical writing assessment. The accumulated point of these four sections is the final score that you can get in a GMAT test.

Strategies for the quantitative section:

  • For the problem-solving questions of quantitative part use your scrap paper even if the question seems very easy for you. By this, you can totally eliminate the chance of doing any mistake.
  • Read the question paper carefully. Questions are deliberately set in such way that students do some common misinterpretation. Going through the question paper critically will increase the percentage of accuracy.
  • For the data sufficiency problem, always keep it in mind that, you do not need to do long calculations for these problems. Use the process of elimination to determine the right answer. Use the information that is present in the question; nothing else.

Strategies for verbal section:

  • For verbal section, correct knowledge of grammar and sentence structure is very important. Focus on these chapters while preparing for the test.
  • In the exam, read out the choices in your head and try to use your ear if there is any confusion.

Strategies for integrated reasoning section:

  • As this is the newly added part of GMAT test, you should know the question pattern of this part thoroughly before going for the test.

Strategies for analytical writing assessment:

  • Manage your time properly. Use few minutes for brainstorming before starting to write out what is in your mind. Without thinking, you will stumble in the middle of your writing. Rather, think carefully and structure the essay more or less in your mind before starting to write.

Student should keep that in mind that practicing reduces the chance of making same type of mistakes in the exam paper. In addition, the more you practice the less time you need to solve any problem. Keep these tips in mind and start preparing for your GMAT exam.