The drivers include financials, customer service, internal business, learning, and development. The analysis aims to make the coming results for 2015 better according to the vision as well as the strategies of Homebase Retail Company.The report also presents the strategy map for the company to show the connection between the four drivers (perspectives) of the scores and the company’s strategy (Kaplan amp. Norton 2004, p. 7). It maps all the objectives to the major performance indicators to produce a complete outcome. The board of directors also gets the recommended actions from the scorecard and the strategy maps ensure that Homebase Retail Company operates according to the analysis. Additionally, the board will be able to set smart and realistic goals so that it can make systematic decisions to improve the key financial and strategic indicators of performance.Homebase Retail Company operates as one of the biggest and the leading home improvement company, retailer and a gardening centre in the UK. Its close competitors in the industry include Argos and Financial Services. Home Retail Group made revenues amounting to £18.9 Million in the year that ended in March 2014, which is a slight improvement from the previous year 2013 by approximately 3.6% in revenue (Bourne amp. Bourne 2002, p. 54). Home Retail Group started operating in the business began in the UK in 1979, under the name Sainsbury Homebase. As one of the largest retail companies in the UK, Homebase Retail Company has a value of between £2.7 billion and £3 billion (Kennerley amp. Neely 2000, p. 47). Homebase Retail Company is currently running its business in a number of subsidiaries in about the UK and the US, such as Bell’s Stores Homebase and Texas Homecare. It has employed more than 17000 workers in all the stores and subsidiaries. Its slogan Make a house a home draws many customers to its business, which has grown its client