‘Has nudity in advertising become dysfunctional

The findings showed that mixed results. Majority of the participants felt that nudity enhanced the effectiveness of advertising. However, there were also some participants who felt that nudity lowered the effectiveness of advertising.The findings of this study have implications for marketing experts and for people responsible for developing adverts. There is an urgent need for marketers to understand how their target customers will view the advert that contains nudity. Marketers need to respect the views of their customers and not show anything which may offend them.Presently it is observed that utilizing nudity in promotional advertisements has take up pace and many people are falling for it too. Companies are concerned with large scale revenue generation and therefore it is okay for them to ignore some standards of ethics. 14It should be noted here as per Gibson (1982), that the most important aspects of an organization that are depicted in its branding and advertisement schemes are organizational culture and organizational structure. 15A company’s internal environment has a large amount of psychological and economical bearings on the company’s working. It serves as the paradigm says Cassidy (2005) in which workers from different departments work to a foreseeable future. It is therefore necessary for all the components to work in utter solidarity with each other. A harmonious environment catalyzes a more efficient response with better results as explained by Kasoori (2009) 20A prosperous procedure in the company should consider some sort of well organized and also effectively propagated advertisement promotions which might be both equally influential and also workable. Elliot (1997) says that a number of variable mass media transmission options must be employed. web, radio stations and also television set must be used by promotional campaigns as the items along with the business