Global and International Business Activity

A few procedures of conducting international business includes franchise oriented business or on a contract basis along with a local organisation, also sometimes the companies try to do business on the basis of licensing. Global and international business of any organisation is a venture that is undertaken for the benefit of growth and expansion of the business. The global brands like Nestle, Coca Cola find it as a satisfaction and reputation building technique to move abroad for doing business globally. Global and international business deals with various environmental factors like that of a PEST analysis. These macro-environmental factors lead to various complex business situations along with different application and situational changes for varying market. Although, there are certain varying situations for expanding globally but for ensuring growth, profit and also satisfying their needs many companies now try to grow globally which would have been limited for them as a local brand (University of Central Arkansas, n.d.). Nestle is a global brand which produces items related to food and drink. A market can be stated as a place where many buyers or customers meet together for a transactional purpose. Nestle as a global brand, is established in the markets of food products and also drink related products. Among others, the confectionery product category is one of the strengths of Nestle. They are in competition with Cadbury for the global confectionery market. Nestlé’s confectionery products include chocolate bars, sweets along with sugar confectioneries and boxed chocolates. Confectionery market is a tremendous competitive market. The demand for the products produced by Nestle in this market is huge and worldwide. The confectionery market in itself is a vast market with global players available. According to the Porters five forces model, the competitive rivalry among players like Cadbury and Nestle is a big factor.