Evaluate a college website

English Topic:Evaluate a college website. Instructions: Fro my English writing Go to the website any college or in any state in America. Evaluate the website from the perspective of a student who knows very little about that school. Poke around the website to try to get a sense of the college.Remember, you are evaluating the site, not the college or university.Answer the following questions in essay format:What is the most important aspect of this college? What is its most important feature? Can you figure that out from the website?How easy is the web site to navigate?What is the tuition, for an out of state undergrad, for one year? How easy was it to find this information?What is your overall assessment of the website? Would you apply to this school based solely on the website?What criteria are you using to assess the website. Explain how each relates to your overall judgment of the site.Provide a link to the college home page at the end of your essay.The most important aspect of college is the fact is that it allows a student to think and explore. The graphical outlay of the website has statues of philosophers and students collaborating. The most important feature of DePaul is that it shines on the fact that students can think and be intellects. It has a very nice layout, which is aesthetically appealing to the students. At once, the individual is exposed to the DePaul logo. Clearly, the university makes its brightest mark at the fact that it is an outstanding university with its prestigious achievements. It keys on the idea of learning and teaching, a mutual collaboration between students and teachers. If students want to apply online, it is easily navigate to the application page. Furthermore, it is one of the most The website is extremely user friendly as clear differences are made for accessibility. Students can also connect to external sites such as campus connect or desire 2 learn. The background is solid blue with white text which facilitates the overall process. All the correct information was found on the information tabs. For instance under admissions and aid, the tuition guidelines are listed along with financial aid. In addition, the student life highlights the key critical development areas for students to visit in order to harness their growth. A great thing about this website is the fact that there are no unnecessary pop ups. Since it is an educational institute, it completely eliminates that problem. Lastly, it utilizes the future technology with having links to social networking websites. Undoubtedly, this shows it understands the students and to build a network.The tuition for undergrad is $30,000 per year. It was super easy to find under admissions and aid. It lists out all the information for all different colleges. Since DePaul has college of commerce, law, education, and liberal arts. all have different tuition rates for each school.I would give DePaul’s website a solid A for many reasons. First and foremost is the fact that the graphical layout is very creative and attractive. In addition, it provides all the necessary information for any individual who not only wants to learn more about the college but the city itself. In addition, the website engages student in a dynamic matter as it allows them to explore the website in a very efficient manner. The contact menu allows for quick collaboration and communication. As a web developer, I used many criteria to evaluate website. One aspect was the user feasibility. In this particular context, I looked at the website layout. I used many components of evaluation such as background color, font, menu options, distracting images, etc. The second factor I looked at was function ability of links. Often the homepage connects to other web pages that don’t function properly. No trace of this instance at DePaul’s website. Lastly, I ran a code runner check that checks the html codes for the website and found almost no errors. The function ability of the website depends on many factors. One of the key aspects is the navigation for the students who are seeking information. All those were present in this website.http://www.depaul.edu/academics/Pages/default.aspx