According to the paper, they established a strong business relationship with Anita, which enabled them to supply most of their products to Anita’s shop. The business developed very first and other founders were incorporated to the business such as Rowena Bird, Helen Ambrosen, Paul Greaves and Karl Bygrave joined the team to make the company a success. The headquarters of the company are locate in Poole, England. There were various beliefs and values that inspired the start of the company, they believed in the manufacture of fresh handmade products from natural ingredients and vital oils for personal care. Today the company has more than 650 stores across the globe with mail order services in 12 countries. The products in the company are made by hand and does its own distribution to its own retail stores. The company is associated withthe sale of cosmetic products and other innovative related product such as shampoo bars, bath ballistics and bubble bar slices. The main products though include, shower products, face and beauty products, bath products, hair products, body lotion and perfume. Innovation standards are very high in Lush Company and aspects such as differentiation, environmentally-friendly packaging and use of fresh ingredient are used to enhance their theme of innovation. Vegetables and fresh fruits are used in the manufacture of these products, which depending with the producer artisanal look and color are impeded to the product. They encourage that packaging is done with recyclable materials as a form of ethic. Lush company can be described as a company that deals with introduction of improved or new goods or services.Mission of the of the company can be described as the core strategy of the company, other core strategies include the scope of the products.