Dropout in community colleges

These are the exact students that get underserved in the colleges beating the logic behind the purpose that these colleges were designed to accommodate as they also serve the interest of the local community. As these students come in and out of the higher education, it may be because of the conditions that surround their learning environment in the colleges. This paper seeks to validate that the vice of the college dropout exist and propose appropriate action to help cub the problemManaging school dropouts and completion become a very important entity that is very key to meeting the visions and missions of educating our children. It is of importance to spend most of the time to address the changing landscape of the higher education which may be as a result of the increased public demand and low public (Felgueroso, Florentino, Gutiérrez-domènech, and Sergi Jiménez-martín, 2014). College dropout in most cases has been associated and seen as evidence of failure resulting from the untapped human capital. But the fact remains that failure is one of the strengths and the drive of higher education system in the community colleges. A good school by definition should bring almost all the students to graduation as this will bring greater economic return and ensure that the mantle of the worlds most educated population is retained( Luke, Mphale, 2014). To achieve this the colleges should avoid high stake tests that consigns students to either to educated class or the working class, this kind of system is narrowly focused on the learning on testing that only promote students to memorize than to learn. When you get only one shot at the college level, you get motivated and work hard to get it right for example in the united states there are a lot of shots where there is nation to nation comparison of the lazy students to hardworking students to help