Discussion Board Question for criminal justice

Discrimination and Prejudice Introduction In many cases where discrimination shows its ugly head, there many factors put into consideration, besides race and ethnicity, the American landscape is dogged with many other issues on the segregation front among them socioeconomics and people’s abilities be they physical or mental.Socioeconomics O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant are among the few people from the black race with a lot of wealth and fame to their names. While the former was acquitted of murder charges, it comes to mind that, in today’s society, socioeconomics play an important role in determining the course of justice. If Simpson was poor and Caucasian, the likelihood of him being found guilty of murder is as high as they would be for a black of medium wealth.Views My views on race have changed after an analysis of the DNA structure of people from different races. This test revealed that, however different people of different race may appear, the differences in genetics between them are negligible. After this, I shall take the racial and ethnic differences as lightly as possible given that they are not determinants to anything in life.Today’s Society Unlike in the past, today’s society has drawn dividing lines between people of different illnesses, political orientation, sexuality and addictions. On the basis of sex, many women are prevented from attaining positions in society that they could comfortably fulfill without the barriers set up by society. Political affiliations also determine the success of an individual especially on a business perspective. In terms of illnesses, many of those suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and arthritis are secretly discriminated against. Those with addictions such as alcoholics and drug addicts are generally viewed as unfortunate members of society who cannot stand up for themselves in many ways.The President A course in Ethnic Groups and Minorities is of course necessary given that Obama’s rise to the top is one is a million story of a member of the minority groups breaking free of the stereotypes labeled against his group. Stereotypes have changed by a very small degree given that, even today, racial conflicts still show up in isolated cases. The discrimination in today’s society is more secretive as people fear being labeled as enemies of unity.Minorities The fact that America elected and African American to the presidency does not in any way mean that America is ready for elections to office of other minorities. Obama’s story is quite dramatic and his entry into the highest office on the land was aided by his having faced weaker opponents in the minds of Americans. His election was also more euphoric than realistic. Although given a second term, the reason remains the weaknesses of his opponents.Conclusion In conclusion, the America of the slavery age is still the America of today. There are those in this country who would readily return slavery if given the chance. While hidden, people’s discriminative potentials remain a contentious issue which should be eliminated in the minds of the masses.ReferencesRichard T. S. (2011). Racial and Ethnic Groups. New York: Pearson.