Developing Personal Profile

The various results of analyzing instrument give me an idea of my strength and weaknesses. Upon this assessment, I can empower my strength and sharpen my weaknesses. First of all the Kolb LS has revealed my strength to be intellectual competency while my weakness is disruption of creativity in me. In the same manner, other instruments have revealed that I have a positive attitude but my interpersonal communicative skill is backward. My other skills are evaluated with the help of SMART principles where my thinking and actions are screened. Moreover, I even have to reflect on my performance during the scaling of my skill development phase. As per (Lyness) an important construct that has not received much attention in work–life and work-family research is career advancementof this inventory was on the basis of strength and weaknesses. The strength was that I am a logically thinking person and likes pursuing intellectually challenging ideas and concept and also is competent in this field. However, the weakness is that my dominating nature will destroy my creativity. In his website (Leap, 2012) writes that Human creative genius has left its mark on our world. It has advanced civilization by improving human living conditions. Think about the creative inventions that have drastically altered and improved our lives: airplanes, cars, light bulbs, telephones and television, just to name a very few.B) Personal Style Inventory: Personal style inventory is an assessment based on the personality of an individual. According to (Hogan, 1980) Just as every person has differently shaped feet and toes from every other person, so we all have different shaped personalities. This assessment has one subdivision as below.Realistic Optimism instruments: According to this analyzing instrument, my strength is that I am highly optimistic. And as far as the weakness goes, I am weak at handling obstacles which come in the achievement of my goals. The self-leadership questionnaire is a procedure wherein several questions are laid down for the candidate to assess his strength and weaknesses.