Dell and Customer Service Support and IT Solutions

Dell does not only notice the basic customer requirements, but also meets, and often exceeds them (Treacy amp. Wiersema, 1993). In the olden days, the parameters by which the customer would judge and evaluate a product were price and quality. However, the fierce competition present in today’s world has increased the demands and expectations of the customers. Customers today, apart from price and quality, consider the convenience of purchase, reliability, and after-sales service as basic values for the products as well (Treacy amp. Wiersema, 1993). Dell does not only meet these requirements of the customers but also surpasses them. With pioneers of cutting costs and streamlining processes, Dell manages to pass on the lower costs onto the customers and give them the highest quality, in the least possible price. Moreover, through technological solutions, Dell manages to eradicate the boundaries between the supply chain members, enabling the entire supply chain to work towards the common goal of delivering maximum value to the customer according to his or her needs (Joan, 1998). In fact, every strategy and methodology adopted by Dell focuses on the customer’s perceived value and Dell integrates them together to deliver that value. This is the reason why Dell incorporates a fully streamlined supply chain, direct online business model, Just-in-Time manufacturing, build to order approach, and many other strategies that are integrated together to achieve operational excellence i.e. delivering the best possible computer systems, at the least possible prices and a minimal level of inconvenience.