Clausewitzs Concept of a Trinity

A classical theory is a theory that is authoritative and of recognizable excellence. Frequent use of a theory makes a theory a general framework of knowledge to guide future students and theorists. A theory that qualifies to be classical acquires influence that is beyond its immediate utility. Classical theories are usually influential and important in understanding the events that happen in the world we live in. The main reason why people study classical theorists is that knowledge is complex and cumulative. The findings of the classical theorists have laid out clear general patterns and connections that enable people to orient their further learning. Their findings have enabled us to understand some concepts faster as opposed to if we were to start from square one. Generally, the works of classical theorists help us take in and process an otherwise a large quantity of knowledge (Ritzer 2003). Clausewitz’s concept of a trinity has greatly influenced the current strategic theories and policies of war. The concept has familiarized students of military art with the events of the war. The theory has stood the test of time and is still being applied in war situations today (New 1996).