Challenge for a Marketer

Teacher Comment on Kotler and Keller’s ment I agree with the general idea of Kotler and Keller that Chief Marketing Officer must always have a fresh perspective about the organization to be able to see its flaws and able to improve it. I cannot however agree on his assertion that Chief Marketing Officer should have a short tenure at a job of about 28 months is keeping a fresh perspective and not getting sucked into business as usual because it meant that fresh perspective is always equated with short tenure and I wonder where he got his 28 months prescription period if it was based on a scientific study or just a wild estimate. I also find the comment of Brigadier General Thornton’s comment as simplistic when he said in your first three or four months as a new employee you are most valuable to the organization because after that you become part of the problem. I cannot help but ask, since when did tenure becomes a part of the problem? The problem is how to have a fresh perspective all the time to be able to see the flaws and areas of improvement in an organization. The solution is not short tenure but rather on how to objectively identify flaws in an organization in an objective way. Tenure does not necessarily equate to being part of a problem but is in fact advantageous because Chief Marketing Officer also needs tenure to be able to understand the context of an organization and able to apply solution to its flaws that is doable and effective.