Business Plan for Meadow Real Estate

The sales of the company are expected to be extensive in less than one year but expected to rise reasonably within two years. MRE plans to begin offering its services from January 2012. Its main clients will be families and aged couples who are looking for a spacious and cool environment to raise their families. Additionally, MRE offers an inclusive real estate, title and mortgage services to our diverse customers. We expect to be the dominant sellers of condos, rental houses, new homes and family apartments, in addition to, offering a variety of services in order to facilitate the selling and purchasing of real estate including: Transfer of Titles Appraising Preparation of property Loan approval and Mortgage consulting Databases for home searching Mission Statement The mission of MRE is to provide housing and rental unit services in Atlantic City community, located in North of New Jersey. The company will offer a wide range of services, which include title and mortgage. Our main objective is to maintain a high level of satisfaction of our clients which is achievable. Happiness, safety, and comfort are our primary goals. Vision Statement MRE vision is to provide excellent home services to its client. It also aims to create a minimum of 99% of satisfaction rate of the customer in order to establish a relationship that is long-term with our customers as well as market the company through a word of mouth. Values Statement We value our reputation as a company and therefore, we cultivate the ideals of tenant’s needs importance. This comes along with an understanding and a healthy relationship as well as professional MRE commitment to satisfy its clients (Abrams, 2003, Pg 417). Our company maintains a uncomplicated model but still provides an excellent living environment for its clients. The housing and rental services are a reflection of fast technology expansion and the need for good housing quality. MRE is dedicated to giving its customers an environment that is free from daily hassles where they can enjoy the benefits of inviting, safe, and attractive units. We still strive to maintain a market that is competitive in terms of prices. while at the same time expand our rental and housing units, which we own in order to increase profit. However, we also value the satisfaction of our employee just like the customers as part of the company success. This is because we believe that the satisfaction of our employee will lead to the company’s success and the main reason for its durability (Abrams, 2003, Pg 417). The caretaker of the rental and apartment units will be available full time to customers as a company representative in order to make sure that our customers’ requirements and needs are met and exceeded. Market Research New Jersey is flooded with Real estate business but MRE assumes that none of them offers the quality we that we intend to offer. This business is highly competitive, with a number of upcoming similar businesses, which offer the same services. However, we have an opportunity to step ahead of them properly by making sure that our houses are of high quality, in addition to, selling them at reasonable prices. The company will also be marketing to other professionals living within the area that are looking for a high-quality and safe environment that can fit the atmosphere they need to raise their families.