Brand Architecture WALLS

Walls also pay a lot of attention to BTL activities and we can see them sponsoring many events. Even on lower levels Walls always is interested to sponsor College events and they also used to conduct TTL activities earlier such as WALLS carnival.Walls distribute strategic merchandise to retail outlets and shops which sells their products, they provide them with fridges, banners etc which in turn is able to satisfy shopkeepers requirements and in returnable to transfer important messages to people who see them. The shopkeepers do not mind as this merchandise satisfies their needs and give the shop a nice decorative look cause of high-quality graphics and color combinations.A factor which allows such high-class promotional activities is WALLS global reputation and strong financial abilities of the company which unlike other local brands is significantly superior.WALLS has strong distributions network as it is a brand of Unilever and is available due to this advantage worldwide. Which include Supermarkets, retail stores, and Malls. They also target consumers through their carts which have a large verity of their products available, due to this practice people do not have to specially go and buy the product the added convenience delivers them products at their homes, offices, schools, and universities.