Best companies to work for

Additionally, the company also engages in advertising services, operating systems provisions hardware and enterprise product selling. People think of Google as the number one search company on the internet. it acquired that reputation by helping people find the right thing, summarizing it, and allowing them to go deeper. The company has an auction-based system of running ad words where the number of click-throughs generates revenues for users and itself. Furthermore, Google has an open source software platform. this relies on the Android system and enables users to apply it in various elements of service. It also has a range of products for business enterprises as well as a mobile segment of wireless services.Zappos is an internet retailer that specializes in the sale of shoes. it is recognized as the biggest online shoes store in the world. The firm started in 1999 under the leadership of Tony Hsieh, who is the current CEO as well as Nick Swinmurn. The organization was acquired by in a deal worth $1 billion, but retains its usual operations, leadership and independence. The firm is mostly known for its customer service with call-center employees having the freedom to use their own scripts in order to meet consumer needs.Google started in 1998 under the leadership of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. the firm later had one of the most successful public offerings with a record $1.67 billion being raised in the process. Currently, the firm has about 25,507 employees who enjoy working for the organization owing to its challenging environment as well as its casual approach to work. Likewise, Zappos now employs about 38,421 employees who enjoy the autonomy they access at work as well as the freedom.Google is a highly innovative company that models its human resources practices using this approach as well. everything in the company’s people management follows this strategy. First, of all its overall approach to people