Based on pages 176 of The Last Madam by Christine Wiltz discuss the main and peripheral characters Can you predict what they will do

The Main and Peripheral Characters in the Last Madam Christine Wiltz in her book, The Last Madam uses different characters to present the life of people in New Orleans in the 1970’s. The book tells the story of Norma Wallace, who has the best-known whorehouse in the town. She is presented as a power broker whom most of the prominent New Orleans gentlemen came through her doors. This essay will discuss the main and peripheral characters in the last Madam.Wallace, the main character in the book engages in prostitution with an aim of getting money to buy things that she could not afford. In her prostitution activities, she comes to know all the town’s secret activities, and this makes people to hanker shutting her down. Wallace fears aging, and her need for young men brings her down. Norma is presented as a deceptive character since she kept telling lies about her true age. She tells Clint Bolton not to ask her about her years since she had lied to many times about it to an extent of not telling the truth.Dr. Silvester is presented as an opportunistic character since he tries to take advantage of the young Norma by buying her gifts with an aim of making her love him. Wayne who wedded Norma is portrayed as being loving since he decided to marry Norma though she was older than him. In this book it is easy to predict what they will do. For example in the case of Dr. Silvester one can easily predict that he will be left by Norma since all that Norma wanted is to be bought clothes and be given money.Works citedWiltz, Chris.The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld. Da Capo Press, 2001.