Answer 2 questions

A Modest Proposal questions Question Swift utilized six pattern developments in his work to elaborate how to combat the then economic predicaments, which both the England and Ireland states were facing (Swift). This is by assuming the persona of a worried and knowledgeable economist in giving suggestions. Swift compares his strategies to those of the political leaders who were focusing on other issues instead of dealing with the human cost (Swift). The patterns, which he utilizes, include,1. Cause and Effect Swift expounded vividly regarding the cause of the then prevailing problems, which were because of overpopulation by the Irish people more so the Catholics. This was contrary to the England’s Protestants where he contended that, once the Irish children (who constituted the biggest population) attain the age of maturity usually resulted to being thieves. Since, they could not beg like their mothers in the streets.2. Classification and Division Swift groups the entire population in two broad groups, which is according to their nationalities besides their denominations and economic stability. The Irish, which are the Catholics normally in his work, represent the lower class of beggars who should sell their children while young to revive both the state and their economy.3. Compare and Contrast He also compares the children of the wealth English people with those of the Irish where the latter are many and mainly languishing in abject poverty. In addition, Swift compares the two denominations where the catholic’s population is exceedingly poor contrary to the Protestants.4. Process and analysis This is evident from the Swift’s mode of salvaging both the poor and the state’s economy, where he suggests selling of children while at a tender age. Since, at this stage they are fat and can fetch considerable money, hence encouraging intimacy among the Irish couples besides becoming economically stable (Swift).5. Persuasion Swift besides suggesting the method of reviving the economy via using satire, he goes ahead to give his position, which contrasts with the both economists and politicians of the time.6. Description This is evident from the picture Swift gives to the reader when describing how the poor women carried, held their children’s hands while begging and strolling down the streets of England.Question 2A modest ProposalFor preventing, the increasing cases of truancy among the high school institutions besides transforming them to be reliable and responsible people. Unexcused absence in learning institutions over the years up to date has become an unsolved issue despite both parents and instructors’ efforts in reporting the truants to the relevant authorities. This is not an effective solution because the truants despite the immense coercion from both the relevant authorities and instructors continue to be absent. Hence, hardening them to the extent of becoming potential criminals where dealing with the law does not scare them. The most effective solution will entail assigning them diverse responsibilities in school where they will not be able to avoid the interaction with the instructors. These responsibilities encompass being student leaders and hold other posts where they will not have any other option but to behave decently. This is because other students will be looking upon them. hence in the process develop interest in school.Work CitedSwift, Jonathan. A modest proposal: For preventing the children of poor, people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public. 1729. Web. 12Th October 2012.