Alcoholic Drinks in the United Kingdom Larghall Leisure Limited

Yet, more and more studies have shown that binge drinking, particularly in underage drinkers, is becoming a growing problem. Binge and underage drinking could affect Larghall Leisure Ltd.’s pub licenses for a couple of reasons.A proposal to impose a forty-eight-hour ban on any pub consistently caught supplying alcohol to underage drinkers has been initiated (Great Britain 2005). Pubs will also need to have a drug policy by April 2006. The license council and police will inspect the pubs more frequently. There is also a new ban on irresponsible drink promotions and low priced promotions (Great Britain 2005). These new laws might have far-reaching implications on Larkhall Leisure Ltd.’s pubs.The need has arisen for Larkhall Leisure Ltd. to carry out market research on the issues of their pub license due to the effects of current binge and underage drinking. The goal of this research is to inform Larghall Leisure Ltd. of feasible options of action regarding current business practices. Two options will be presented. The first is stricter measures to prevent underage and binge drinking within the pubs themselves. The second option would be to change the group target for the Larkhall Leisure Ltd. market from eighteen to twenty-four-year-olds to twenty-five to forty-year-olds. Whatever choice is made, the landlords of the Larkhall Leisure Ltd. must be in full agreement.McGovern states descriptive research aims to build a picture of a market (2003). So the research Larghall Leisure Ltd. needs is descriptive. Datamonitor can be used to understand trends for the current market, but a survey can also help Larghall Leisure Ltd. understand.