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ADDING REQUIREMENTS ON THE PROJECT Recommendations The company should also encourage investors in their company so as to increase their competitive advantage. This is because there are many investors in United Arab Emirates which has raised the competitive advantage of other oil companies. To bring back the company’s edge, the company should partner up with investors that could boost the company’s image. 2. The ADNOC oil company should also consider undertaking a rebranding campaign. Creating a new and strong brand image may be beneficial to their company in creating a strong brand image in UAE and globally. This way, it would look like a new product in the market. To add to this, the company could also consider advertising their new image and mentioning the changes they have made and why they are better than before. 3. The company should also invest in latest technology in developing and operating fields so as to consider concerns in healthcare, environmental and safety issues of the Country. This way, the company would practice environmental friendly ways of going about their business. When consumers see this, they may appreciate the company more. This way, the sales of their product would increase as the company would become popular with the consumers. Action plan1. Encouraging investors would be a suitable action plan as they would help the company in their businesses such as the company’s plan for globalization. Investors would also help the company buy modern technologies as they would provide income that could be used for development. 2. Rebranding campaign would be a suitable action plan as it would give the company’s product a new image in the market. Creating a stronger brand image from the campaign would boost sales. 3. Investing in latest technology is also a good action plan. This is because new technology considers safety, healthcare and environmental issues which can give a company a good image.