A Critical Evaluation of the Awarding of Football World Cup Hosting to Emerging Markets

Considering the goals and objectives of the organization, the various factors that have influenced the aspect of voting in favor of the emerging markets have been determined in this research paper. The critical evaluation of FIFA’s decision in awarding the emerging markets with the hosting rights of the Football Cup has been done by determination of the extent to which the goals and objectives of the governing body has been fulfilled with this decision. The research problem also established the fairness of the World Cup Bidding Process and the basis of FIFA Executive Committee’s decision in awarding the Football World Cup hosts to the developing countries. In order to analyze the research problem, the positive and the negative impacts on the emerging economies as a result of hosting the World Cup event has been determined.The background study on the research topic includes the research on the mission, vision, and goals of FIFA in governing the events in the arena of international football. The background study reveals that FIFA has the vision of spreading the development of the game of football in all corners of the globe. In order to fulfill the vision, the governing body has embarked on the mission of awarding the Football World Cup events to the new and emerging markets in order to boost the enthusiasm of the game of football and develop the prospects for growth of football in these markets and their neighboring countries. FIFA has awarded the Football World Cup events to the emerging economies on a more frequent manner in the recent past and in the way ahead.