900 Women

Your full March 14, 900 Women 900 Women is a film by Laleh Khadivi shows The Louisiana Correctional Institute located in the swamps of southern Louisiana in St. Gabriel. It was originally built to house women prisoners, whose number surpassed the limit of 900 with passing years. The film shows the life stories of some of these women prisoners, who share their stories in the unrepresentatively passive atmosphere of the jail. They are daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. The oldest woman in the prison is Mary, 68, who is sentenced for the murder of two persons. Adine Rayford, 24, has delivered her child in a hospital and had to leave him there to come back to the prison. Heather Zerangue has to attend her parole hearing. She is a young girl with modeling career and belongs to New Orleans. Keanna gets her bail. She had been taken in for being in heroin business. She is released, but is caught again, and is brought back into the jail. All of these women show how hard it was for them to cope with their lives. They had to leave their relatives and loved ones, and had to stay in jail where they worked and strived for their survival. The film shows their hope embodied in frustration that showed itself within the boundaries of the jail. Following Keanne, the film shows that the women wanted to be free but they had to stay imprisoned to wait either for bail or for death.